25 11 2011

bring forth.
bursting with light.
black and white,
bound by the
brown leather earth…

i now see the light.
inching rays
inside of the beat.
inclined with words,
incredible speech.
i can see now.

there is none other
though you may feel
that there is.
take heart and know
the truth
trust through the black and white

gracious life
given and received.
grant me faith as a
growing little seed.

fight the good fight
for there is no other way.
faith through the night
famine or spring.
fake won’t cut it when you’re
falling to the ground
for the faster you get up
freedom will come.
forget your miserable past
for the cross you now cling.

heaven waits for me.
happening so quick.
here and there i see
hell knocking on their doors.
hurry and listen for time will run out!

open their eyes
open their ears.
open their minds
open their hearts.
Oh Father, hear my plea.





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